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A slap is not what Yifan is expecting.

But he does get one, a slap from Joonmyeon and he can feel every ounce of sadness and frustration mixed with anger hidden in that powerful slap. Yifan's cheeks is burning and he looks up from staring at the ground to looking into Joonmyeon's dark pools that are almost unreadable. Joonmyeon can be like this but to this level... it startled him.

The other members seen just as shocked by the slap because it's so loud.

Joonmyeon's already got red eyes and his blond hair is a mess from who knows when and Yifan is just so damn happy to see him but he's too stupid to actually form words and when he opens his mouth in a failed attempt to speak, Joonmyeon's wavering voice intercepts him as well as the sudden weight pressing into his chest.

Yifan glances down as Joonmyeon's fingers curl around the back of his white dress shirt, clutching at the fabric and Joonmyeon's shoulders are shaking. "You're so damn stupid..."

It comes out as a whisper mixed with a high pitched whimper and Yifan feels wet tears trying to seep into the thin fabric of the shirt. Joonmyeon's voice is so desperate that it catches Yifan off-guard.

Hearing his voice in person again makes Yifan want to cry too but he throws his arms around Joonmyeon's shoulders and buries his face into his dyed hair, noticing that it needs to be dyed again because he's looking into dark roots peeking through platinum blond and his long fingers run through the back of the soft hair that has the slight crunchy texture of hairspray.

Joonmyeon calms down eventually and he pulls his face away from Yifan's chest. Yeah, he's still ugly when he cries.

"You're so stupid I don't even think there's a word for it in this world," Joonmyeon sniffles, breathing out as he wipes his eyes with the sleeve of his light sweater.

"I agree with that one."

They're quiet and the members are almost crying as well.

"Can we please start over or something?" Joonmyeon asks hesitantly.

Yifan nods and Joonmyeon begins to speak again.

"Please don't let me shoulder this by myself."

"I won't. We'll do it together... always."


"I promise."


Complete silence around all of them.

Nobody is moving.

At least two minutes of staring pass until Joonmyeon lets go of his suitcase, letting it clatter to the floor so the metal handle echoes off the laminate floors.

Yifan doesn't move. He still holds on to his own bag as Joonmyeon comes closer and closer with the most unreadable expression ever until he's close enough for Yifan to wrap his arms around him and whisper every single apology and tell him how much of a fool he was, how selfish he was and-

Joonmyeon's small hand fits perfectly against Yifan's cheek.

Yifan is coming back to Beijing after visiting Canada.

EXO is coming to Beijing from Seoul for an event.

"Can you stop walking so fast? My God, Baekhyun!"

Joonmyeon huffs as he lugs his heavy suitcase, the other members rushing past him while a mass crowd of fans stand behind airline security and snap pictures as they pass. They finally make it to an area clear of the screaming fans and snapping cameras that were bound to post pictures in the next couple hours online.

They all stand there to gather their bearings and double check for everything they need.

As Joonmyeon is stuffing his wallet into his bag, he feels a quick nudge from Luhan that almost knocks him over. "What the hell are you-"

He freezes.

It can just be his eyes playing tricks on him but it looks like Yifan is standing right behind all eleven of them, a single backpack in hand.

Each member exchanges glances and a worried expression crosses Minseok's face when his eyes land on their leader.

Yifan stands there with wide eyes as he spots Joonmyeon first. He's not paying attention to any of the others; Joonmyeon and only Joonmyeon.

It hurts. His heart is hurting and his head is almost pounding and his hands are almost shivering.

He feels remorse pooling in his abdomen and it pains him so much to look at Joonmyeon.

For countless days, weeks, and months, Yifan has tried contacting Joonmyeon. Calling and texting. He never gets an answer and the other members seemed to have deleted his number; or maybe SM Entertainment has. He doesn't know.

It's been a busy few months with getting the lawsuit done as fast as he can and also filming a movie. He's finally going to fulfill that dream of becoming an actor, the dream he has been denied ever since he joined this entertainment industry.

Every now and then he'll see things about EXO and a feeling of pride swells within his body followed by heavy regret. They're doing their own solo activities, activities Yifan was denied of. He knows it's just another one of SM's moves on the chess board but he feels happy regardless.

Yifan almost texted Baekhyun the night when it was confirmed he and Taeyeon were dating. They had kept it secret and the members all knew about it, but it's going to be the biggest scandal of the year. He doesn't know if Baekhyun will even respond to an unknown number so he hesitantly puts his phone back down on the counter.

The bright lights of Hong Kong shimmer outside his hotel window as he sits on the edge of the white bed, one leg underneath the other thigh as he goes through the photos on his laptop silently with the humming of the tv serving as his background noise, eyes scanning the photos as each click of the mouse brings up a new picture. He doesn't have anything else to do and even though he has to get up early at 5 A.M and it's 2 A.M right now he wants to reminisce through almost-forgotten memories.

An unnamed file gets clicked on and he freezes.

The file is a compilation of every single photo he and Joonmyeon ever took. They were taken on his phone but they automatically uploaded to his laptop every week.

Yifan wordlessly clicks through each one, feeling more and more nostalgic by the minute.

He knows what he's done is selfish and he may never be forgiven.

That's okay as long as the memories of him and Joonmyeon remain firmly implanted into his mind time to time.

Each photo brings back the memories of that day.

There's one of the very first photos saved; Joonmyeon's got his curly dark auburn hair and one arm is around Yifan's shoulder and the other is holding his bicep as they stand side by side. Yifan's own are around the Korean's thin waist and he's smiling with Joonmyeon.

And then there are some from when he and Joonmyeon went to the EMA's; on the plane, landing, at Super Junior's concert, and at the event as well.

Joonmyeon's adjusting his hair in the mirror of the hotel, frowning and looking almost disappointed over something as Yifan squeezes next to him in the bathroom with curious eyes.
They're both silent until Joonmyeon turns to look up at him.

"Do I look okay? Does the suit fit nicely" he asks and Yifan smiles.

"You look handsome as ever."

"Oh please, don't flatter me."

"Why should I flatter the most handsome man ever? Also I'd like to take that suit off you but that can be for later."

The comment earns Yifan a slap on the arm but there's the small hint of a smile on Joonmyeon's face.

His favorite photo, one of Joonmyeon with the bedsheets draped over his small frame while he lays on Yifan's chest after a round of 'love making' as Joonmyeon called it.

Joonmyeon absolutely hated when he took this picture and he ended up slapping Yifan in the face, albeit lightly.

The snap of Yifan's phone camera alerts Joonmyeon and he smacks the phone out of the Chinese's hand.

"What the hell was that for?!"

Joonmyeon's face is even more red than it was originally.

Yifan looks offended when his phone is tossed across the bed and Joonmyeon rolls off his chest.

"You look sexy?" Yifan replies and he's not sure why it comes out as a question. Joonmyeon snorts.

Yifan rolls his eyes and rolls over so his elbows are perched on either side of Joonmyeon's shoulders and Joonmyeon raises an eyebrow.

"Thanks, I guess?" Joonmyeon responds just as his lips are captured in a soft kiss (much against his will, of course.)

Every time Yifan went to his photo files in his phone Joonmyeon would try to steal his phone to delete the photo. Too bad for him it was on the laptop as well.

Then there's the videos he downloaded off the internet, including their martial arts training when Yifan is tickling Joonmyeon's feet as he's stretching.

Yifan's smiling there, Joonmyeon's pushing out a strained smile, and Chanyeol and Tao are smiling as well.

Yifan doesn't even know when he starts crying until tears dot the black keyboard of the laptop and he coughs, using his hands to try and wipe them away because they weren't welcomed. He hardly cries. It's not his style.

Joonmyeon is his style. Joonmyeon, Joonmyeon, Joonmyeon.

He wants Joonmyeon but he knows he can't have him again and that's the worst part about this; he misses all the members but it's worse knowing that he can't hug or kiss Joonmyeon or have dates in the dorm where he sets up the lame wooden table from Kyungsoo's room and puts cheap candles over it, the ones where the wax just gets everywhere, and he cooks jajangmyeon because it sounds similar to 'Joonmyeon.' Then they'll just watch superhero movies and Captain America is definitely Joonmyeon's favorite because 'he's got a cool shield and he's really hot' and that makes Yifan jealous because 'What the hell Myeonnie, you never say I'm really hot.'

Yifan's thought wander to that night where Joonmyeon totally failed in tickling him and when he said he wasn't ticklish.

He lied. Joonmyeon doesn't know he lied and he may never know so maybe it was okay.

He doesn't know that ticklish spot is Yifan's own breaking heart.

They're filming Happy Camp now in the middle of June, only in the beginning stages of their solo concert The Lost Planet.

The emotions have calmed down; their managers gave them a long, hard talk about what to do from now on.

Yifan filed a lawsuit and he's not coming back.

All of the members thought that this was going to be a fun event.

That is until they were individually interviewed about the situation and it's broadcasted on the show.

They all sit and stare at the screen as each member talks about everything. The words they speak seem so... fake to each one of them. It makes them want to spew the truth out and correct their words so they can clear any of the misunderstandings before it can get worse.

Nobody like this at all, being put on the spot and sharing what they think in front of everyone. This is supposed to be a fun event, to get away from things for a day or two, but now it's filled with tears and puffy eyes.

They all feel shitty, tired, and just sick of this and they want Yifan back more than anything.

They all cry together as one.

Joonmyeon stands on the stage.

He feels so exhausted, so restless, so tired of the newly-arisen situation.

And that day they have to go on M!Countdown.

He tries to encourage his members. But they're much too crest-fallen to do anything other than remain silent and do their job and to try and 'forget' about the situation and perform.

It's not easy when a member of your family decides to pack up and leave, promising a vague goodbye and an "I'll be back" without so much as a warning or words that could be pieced together to form some kind of simple explanation.

So Joonmyeon enters the stage on his own.

None of the other members are around with him.

Stay strong.

Those words ring in his head over and over again but his strength is not there. It's so ironic because around that person he feels so strong, so powerful like he can literally take on the world with him. To feel those arms around him, to feel tender kisses pressed against his neck and flushed skin... to be around that person.

That person is the one who left.

He's so lost in his thoughts that Joonmyeon hasn't even focused on the score board against EXO and A-PINK. The thoughts have consumed him for the briefest of moments.

It takes him a second to register that his group has won the award for the week. First place.

He hears the clapping of everyone around him. It's drowned out by the pounding in his head and the rapid beating of his heart against his chest. Nothing he hears is actually registering, but he reaches out and takes the silver trophy and holds it while being handed a mic.

Joonmyeon can't even focus on words to say and he really, really doesn't hear any of the words that are coming out of his mouth. As he spews out his small speech, the thought of the missing member comes in his head and he wants to blurt everything out.

He already called him irresponsible.

And he's afraid that he meant it, deep down in his mind.

So he manages, through all the buzzing, to word things in the most sugar-coated way possible.

Stay strong, stay strong...

Tears prick in the corners of his eyes and he knows he has to stop.

He can't do this anymore. He has to finish this speech.

"We are one! EXO saranghaja!"

The next morning when Joonmyeon finds out Yifan went away is literal hell for the others.

They're just as upset, walking around their dorm like zombies with red eyes and puffy faces from hours of crying. They all look horrible and the manager is confused as well but makes them get ready for their next performance anyway.

Joonmyeon is livid in the morning when he wakes up and discovers the news from Yixing, however. He's screaming and repeatedly trying to call Yifan to get an answer but without getting anything he takes his phone and slams it against the living room wall with all his strength, startling everyone in the room while almost making Kyungsoo spill his pot of water from his place in the kitchen. Every member looks at the damage, the phone now nothing but pieces of shattered metal and plastic scattered across the wood floor.

The leader then crumbles to the floor against the wall in a fit of wailing sobs and curses aimed at Yifan and all at once the members huddle around their dear leader, reaching out to touch him in comfort. Comfort for him as well as each other. Even if someone is only touching Joonmyeon with his fingers it's enough. They're all feeling the pain of their father figure leaving but the pain their mother figure is feeling is worse than theirs.

Joonmyeon thinks he's pulled back against Chanyeol's chest but his mind is too fuzzy and hazy and his eyes are clouded and blocked by an influx of tears to even think about it.

They all cry together as one.

Yifan has one last time to see Joonmyeon.

All the other members had some kind of suspicion and he knew that they were all thinking of something. They keep quiet about it.

Joonmyeon throws a fit sometimes because there's something off about Yifan and he always asks but Yifan doesn't have the heart to tell him. His heart is for Joonmyeon but it's slowly being torn apart by the predicament he's going to get himself into and he knows that once it happens he may never see Joonmyeon again.

He may never see his family again.

So Yifan gives Baekhyun that black basketball jersey and he can already see the pleading look in the younger's eyes. Please, no.

He has to.

Yifan chooses the day where all the members except Joonmyeon are out and the leader is sleeping again. He sleeps in Yifan's bed whenever he's in Korea because he really likes the king sized bed and he also really likes to sleep next to Yifan. Sometimes Yifan lets Joonmyeon be the big spoon and they both exchange strange snorts (Joonmyeon's are cute) while Joonmyeon playfully lets his fingertips dance lightly over Yifan's stomach in an attempt to tickle him although Yifan has told him many times that Joonmyeon, I am not ticklish. Stop already.

Joonmyeon will grunt and use Yifan's body to level himself so his chin would be resting against the space between Yifan's neck and shoulder, almost pouting. He'd then just wrap his arms around his chest and snuggle into the warmth of the dragon.

Everyone's ticklish, Yifan. I'll find it soon.

Yifan stands up from the bed with a bittersweet smile, eyes glistening with tears that are only there to blur his vision and not actually stream out the corners of his eyes and drip down his face; no, these are the tears that hold too many emotions that you want to hold back and you never want to let them go because sometimes you're afraid that when those tears fall, those memories will fall too.

He runs a large hand through the side of Joonmyeon's hair, the younger's fingers clutching the bed sheets more and he wrinkles his nose again for a quick second. Yifan's hand is near shaking and he leans down, pressing a long and tender kiss against the pale forehead while running one finger along the smooth jawline.

Joonmyeon's eyes flutter open. He blinks to try and clear his vision and he thinks he sees a tall figure exiting the room. Once his eyes have adjusted somewhat he sits up in the bed, looking at the door because he swears he just saw someone.


Joonmyeon doesn't know that Yifan does hear his name being called and he has to use every nerve in his body to stop him from going in there and saying apology after apology to him.

Joonmyeon doesn't know that Yifan is actually ticklish.

He doesn't know that ticklish spot is Yifan's own breaking heart.

Joonmyeon is sleeping peacefully in Yifan's bed, wrapped up in the warm comforter while being curled up in a ball facing the door to his room. It's early morning and they finally have a break from practicing for all of their comeback shows. Yifan knows Joonmyeon is near exhausted and he doesn't want to wake him up for breakfast with the other members.

Yifan is seated on the edge of the bed behind the Korean leader, watching him sleep with an adoring look on his features. He really liked watching the younger sleep; the little twitch spazzes his nose does, mouth parted slightly if he was in a deep sleep like now. Joonmyeon thinks it's pretty creepy and he whines about it but Yifan doesn't listen to him because he thinks it's adorable.

His precious little Myeonnie...

He feels remorse pooling in his abdomen and it pains him so much to look at Joonmyeon.

It's only a year after their debut.

EXO has won first place.

Joonmyeon can find no words at all to describe it and he knows he's crying and he's shaking like a puppy that's too excited, but he's much too overwhelmed and the smiling face of Yifan is looking at him.

Backstage they celebrate and cry all over each other, holding up the trophy.

Back at home there's some more celebrating.

All of the members except Yifan and Joonmyeon have fallen asleep and they're sitting in Yifan's room, curled against each other while some kind of sappy drama plays on the tv screen.

They aren't even paying attention to it now. Joonmyeon's eyes are focused on looking up at Yifan until the elder notices him and he looks down at the leader wrapped around his body, his pale arms wrapped around Yifan's waist.

Joonmyeon is embraced in a kiss and he lets himself fall into the strangely satisfying chapped feeling of Yifan's lips against his own. It's their first kiss but it is most certainly not their last and it's only the beginning of their love. Yifan also notices why the kiss felt so... natural.

Joonmyeon's small hand fits perfectly against Yifan's cheek.

It's only a few weeks after their debut.

Joonmyeon feels nothing but that nervousness creeping up in the back of his throat.

The only one who can curve any of that feeling is Wu Yifan, the man with
the burden and joy of fathering five other young men into rising stars along with him, his rock and his shield. He likes to think EXO can't make it any further without Yifan; 11 is an odd number and sometimes the odds aren't in their favor.

It's one lazy spring night with the crickets chirping their soothing songs outside of the building, the sound reaching Joonmyeon's room even from such a far height. The sun is sunken behind the deep indigo cloak, shadowing his room in darkness except for the pale light of the lamp next to him on his dresser.

Yifan comes through the room door without a knock. Joonmyeon will only let Yifan in his room without doing so.

The tall blond almost has a sense for Joonmyeon's stress and he knows it's one of those nights. There's the creaking of the bed as his weight is put on the end, hands folded in his jean-clad lap while dark brown eyes rest on the Korean leader.

No words need to be shared between the two; one glance and it's almost like they can read the other's thoughts.

Yifan wordlessly shifts so now he's lying next to Joonmyeon and unceremoniously wraps one of his arms around the younger's slim waist to pull him against his chest.
Joonmyeon curls his lithe fingers in the fabric of the white t-shirt and buries his face in the cotton as he breathes in the musky smell of Yifan's fading cologne.

Yifan's own chin rests against the top of the brunette's head and he too breathes in a smell, the smell of Joonmyeon's fruity shampoo that he's never really liked but now it's more of a comforting smell and he knows that whenever he smells it that Joonmyeon is near and he can easily wrap his arms around his skinny body and tell him "I'll be here for you if you need me."

The unease in Joonmyeon begins to dissipate the longer he's in Yifan's arms and his voice comes out as a meek whisper.

"Please don't let me shoulder this by myself."

Yifan never hesitates with this answer.

"I won't. We'll do it together... always."

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Title: Galaxy Ge
Fandom: EXO
Summary: Zitao doesn't want Yifan to leave EXO. He also doesn't want Yifan to leave him.
Word Count: 1.6K
Pairing(s): Kris/Tao
Rating(s): PG
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: I don't own EXO or any of these characters. Credit to me for the story and my oppa for parts of the plot.
A/N: This is fanfiction. Please refrain from saying hurtful things against Kris or EXO. Our job is to wait for official news and support all of them in this difficult time. <3

“So… you’re really leaving.”


Yifan and Zitao sit in silence in the dorm, the ticking clock against the wall drowning out the sound of their own thoughts. Yifan is seated on one end of the couch, Zitao on the other. The younger is clutching Luhan’s favorite couch pillow to his chest with knees pulled up against the pillow, squashing it against his chest like it were some kind of awkward tumor attached to him that he couldn’t get rid of.

“The others are a wreck, you know. Especially after the concert with only 11 of us there,” Zitao whispers, his voice muffled by the white pillow that he’s currently buried his face into. Luhan will kill the cori noonas for all of the makeup previously plastered on Zitao’s face because it’s covering his pillow.

“And you aren’t?”

Yifan shifts in his spot, eyes bearing down on Zitao.

“I cry myself to sleep every night. We’re all going to fall apart after you… leave. It’s not going to be okay, ge. Can’t I just go with you? Please? I don’t want you to leave me or the others. I can terminate my contract and we can-” Tao murmurs with his voice rising ever so slightly, too choked up to even finish his sentence. His lithe fingers clench around the pillow when a tear drop threatens to fall from his eye.

Yifan jumps to the other end of the couch as soon as Zitao starts crying.

He holds him in his arms, Luhan’s pillow replaced by Yifan’s own body, the piece of furniture thrown on the floor somewhere. Probably in the corner.

Zitao keeps a firm grasp on the front of Yifan’s shirt as the elder rubs his back in comfort. However, he receives nothing back.

“It’s going to be okay, Zitao. You’re going to be okay.”


“You don’t need to go, ge.”

Yifan holds on to his suitcase a little tighter, trying his best not to break down in front of his -former- bandmates. Seeing their ex-leader like that will only make them feel even worse, and Yifan doesn’t want that.

Yifan smiles sadly, meeting Zitao’s tearful eyes.

“They wouldn’t fix my contract. I couldn’t live like that anymore. I don’t think I was ever cut out for such a job,” Yifan replies with a remorseful chuckle.

“I need you, ge. What am I going to do?”

Yifan wants to drop all of his things and envelop Zitao into a big hug, run his fingers through his light blond hair, and maybe kiss his tears away.

The media just has to ruin it.

“You’re going to be fine. Minseok ge is going to take good care of you. It’s not like we aren’t going to keep contact.”

Zitao doesn’t seem convinced, sniffling back the obnoxious snot in his nose and wiping at his eyes furiously with the back of his hand. Yifan can see his eye bags showing through the thin makeup the cordi noonas had slapped on him, and he looks like a zombie to Yifan. Lifeless. Empty.

Screw it.

Yifan takes the extra couple of strides forward and reaches out with long limbs for Zitao. Arms get entangled in arms, warm tears sticking to the front of Yifan’s newly ironed shirt.

His large hands (many times Jongdae called him an alien because of how big they are) cup Zitao’s cheeks, thumb running over the stray tears cascading over his cheeks.

Yifan brings Zitao’s face closer and presses his chapped lips delicately against Zitao’s for a few brief seconds, the clicking of cameras and fangirls screaming being drowned out by the person in front of him.

Zitao pulls away first and they both stare at each other, the sound of the members sniffling behind them evident now.

“I hope this isn’t the last time,” Zitao mutters, letting go of Yifan’s shirt.

“You’ll see me again, don’t worry. I won’t be too far.”

“I said I’d follow you wherever, ge. This is the first time I’m not.”

“Maybe it’s better that you do stay here. It’s time for my flight. Goodbye, Zitao. Let’s meet again in the future.”


Yifan hears a knock on his apartment door and he groans, eyes flashing over to the alarm clock on his night stand.

4:12 A.M.

He throws off the covers of his king sized bed and stands up, looking for the nearest pair of pants. They’re his jeans from earlier that night and he struggles to hop into them, flailing around and running into everything to get into the rather skinny pants.

It’s early, and he can care less about changing into something more decent than a black wifebeater.

Yifan clumsily opens the door and almost falls over at his visitor.

“Told you I’d follow you, ge.”

Zitao stands in the doorway, and he has hair raven black like the very first year of being in EXO. He’s also following his typical tendency of wearing black clothes. It’s been… 3 years? Zitao has matured immensely.

Yifan holds on to the door and stiffly opens it further, letting Zitao stroll in casually.

“Can we talk on the rooftop? I want to watch the sunset with you again.”


“Why are you here?”

Zitao doesn’t answer the first time around, taking a swig of his beer.

They’re on the rooftop of Yifan’s apartment, staring out at the city of Vancouver, Canada. The sun is barely peeking out, illuminating only a portion of the ground.

Yifan swirls his drink around in the bottle, feet dangling off the edge of the roof. There’s another level just below them, so if one were to fall, it may just result in a sore body.

“Answer me.”

Zitao sighs and puts the drink down next to him, swiveling his head to look at Yifan.

“I terminated my contract too, ge.”

There’s more silence that follows until Yifan starts sputtering out incoherent words that Zitao can’t really catch, limbs flying everywhere. He loses his balance and nearly topples off of the roof.

Zitao reaches out with one hand and grabs Yifan’s hand, yanking him back up with a sad smile, holding the elder by his shoulders for stability. Yifan stares at Zitao and only hopes that this is some kind of joke. Zitao’s eyes say no.

“Be careful, ge. We’re not in EXO anymore. You can’t fly anymore, remember?”


Yifan goes through the songs on his phone in search of something. Zitao is standing by the balcony, the sun framing the back of his dark figure with vibrant oranges and pale purples.

“Ge, what are you even looking for?” Zitao asks, stepping inside the apartment.

Yifan finds what he’s looking for and presses a button, a smooth piano song coming out of the speakers in each corner of the living room. He beckons Zitao forward to the center of the wooden floor.

“Remember that one time in China when we first debuted and we were forced to dance?” Yifan asks, tentatively taking Zitao’s hand into his.

Zitao rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Of course I do. You were moving our hands up and down like a robot. How could I forget?”

Zitao wraps his own fingers around Yifan’s and they hold them up near their heads, one of YIfan’s hands snaking around Zitao’s waist. Zitao places his own hand on Yifan’s shoulder. Unlike when they did this all those years ago, it isn’t awkward. They didn’t know where to put their hands and they fumbled with everything.

“You have a very nice figure, Zitao,” Yifan chortles as they begin to slowly move back and forth, following the music. The younger blushes, punching Yifan in the shoulder.

“Shut up, you’re old.”

Their movements are smooth as they glide around Yifan’s living room, Yifan kicking or pushing things out of the way with his feet. They talk about the company and EXO and what happened. EXO-M split up and Jongdae and Minseok joined EXO-K to form only one group. Yixing is a dance teacher back in China and Luhan is still in Korea as a model.

The members hardly ever stayed in contact with Yifan and he’s fine with that; they were busy doing their own thing.

“Hey, do you still think I can dip you?”

“You can try, but you might be too old.”

Yifans raises an eyebrow and as the music ends, he spins Zitao around fluently. Then he supports Zitao’s lower back, keeping their hands clasped. Zitao places a hand on the collar of Yifan’s jacket as he’s pushed downward, quickly wrapping one of his legs around Yifan so his heel is wrapped around the back of Yifan’s knee.

Zitao is laughing, a sound that Yifan has been dying to hear for years. The laugh that’s only reserved for him, a laugh that nobody else has heard before. It’s nasally and full of joy and maybe mock, but it makes something spark inside his heart, knowing that his precious panda boy is here.

Zitao starts to unwrap his leg from Yifan’s body. However, Yifan holds Zitao even closer and pulls up the other leg to his waist, supporting all of Zitao’s weight with practiced ease.

“You aren’t as old as I thought,” Zitao muses, wrapping his arms around Yifan’s neck with a sly smile.

“I can do other things-”

“We’re going to have catching up to do. Show me then?”

“... Alright.”

Together they watch the sun rise over the city until it’s high in the sky above Vancouver’s sky line, their hands seemingly glued together like some tumor Zitao couldn’t get rid of. They laugh at the people stuck in traffic down below and munch on leftover Chinese takeout from a couple of days ago, as well as bubble tea from the shop down the road.

“Hey, did I ever tell you that I’d follow you to the end of the world?”

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( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Title: Hello Baby
Fandom: EXO
Summary: Yixing comes home with a baby and Kris really wants to know where the hell it came from and why it won't stop crying.
Word Count: 1,348 W
Pairing(s): Kris/Lay (Kray, FanXing), slight Sehun/Luhan(HunHan, SeLu)
Rating(s): PG-13
Warning(s): Crack, language, and sexual references. Oh, and fluff.
Disclaimer: I don't own EXO, any of the characters in this story, and the image below. The plot is the only thing I can claim.
A/N: Everyone loves Kray, right? I was inspired by those fake babies some high school students are given (in the U.S, not sure about other countries). Plus, I'm pretty sure this would be Kris' reaction to an actual baby.
I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes too. >>


When Kris sees Yixing walk through the door, he really doesn’t expect a baby carrier in his hand and a baby inside.

Wait... a baby?

Kris gets up from his spot on the living room couch and watches with unblinking eyes as Yixing enters the living room, carefully placing the carrier on the ground. His own chocolate eyes meet Kris’ bemused stare.

“Babe, is that what I think it is?” Kris murmurs, blinking after who knows how long of just staring.

“It’s a baby, Kris. You weren’t in Health class today and-”

Yixing was cut off by Kris.

“You’ve got to be fucking me right now, Yixing.”

“No, if I’m correct you’re fucking me but that’s besides the point.”


Yixing can’t help but stare in disbelief as Kris rambles on with incoherent words that literally go in one ear and out the other. All he hears is annoying background noise and Yixing lets out a loud grunt, taking the baby out of the carrier as gently as he can with his little patience.

“Kris, it’s a robotic baby! You know, the ones that help teach kids about safe sex and what it’s like to have a baby?”

Kris immediately shuts up and sits back down on the couch with a loud sigh, seemingly relieved to know he didn’t get Yixing pregnant (a baby can’t be born in less than a day and a person can’t be pregnant in that same amount of time but Kris doesn’t know that).

“You missed class today because you had lunch with Luhan and were late. We’ll be taking care of her for a week and we both need to get A’s on this. I don’t want to be dragged down by you again because that really sucked last quarter,” Yixing explains, cradling the baby in his arms. She’s wrapped in a pink blanket, her pale skin matching Yixing’s surprisingly well.

“Am I supposed to take that literally because you seemed perfectly happy while you were sucking my-”


“This is going to be a week in hell.”


To say it was a week in hell was probably an understatement.

It was like a month in hell was jammed into a single week.

It was only the fourth day and there are three days left until they return the baby. Yixing takes care of the baby when it cries at 3 a.m or later, singing to it and doing whatever it requests, which ended up keeping Kris up too. He needed his damn beauty sleep! You can’t just wake up and look as fabulous as him.

They’re currently at the grocery store, picking up items for when Luhan and Sehun come over for dinner that night. Kris has to grab stuff from the shelves while Yixing tends to the baby, making sure she doesn’t start crying. That baby’s cry is like a siren wailing right in your ear, which is the cause for Kris staying up all night.

As they’re at the checkout and Kris is pulling out his credit card, he catches sight of an older man staring at the couple with a repulsive look at the checkout right next to them. Kris swipes his card and puts it back into his wallet, turning to the man, an unknowing Yixing adjusting the blanket covering the baby and cooing hopelessly.

“Is something the matter, sir?” Kris asks in a slow manner, surprising the man next to them. Kris can visibly see the man shuffle his feet awkwardly, clearly uncomfortable in this kind of situation. By this time Lay noticed what was going on and stepped around the shopping cart to go to his boyfriend’s side, looking up worriedly.

“It’s just that… you two look awfully young to be having a child. And you two aren’t even married,” the man replies shyly, cringing under Kris’ intensely intimidating gaze. Obviously this man can’t see it’s not a real baby, but still!

“Baby, come on, I don’t want to cause a scene…”

Kris ignores Yixing’s pleads and instead turns his head, leaning down and kissing Yixing square on the mouth. Yixing lets out a little squeak and flushes as red as a tomato while the man coughs, bowing his head slightly.

“I-I apologize,” he utters before paying for the rest of his things, booking it out of the store as fast as he can. Yixing simply stares up at Kris, too embarrassed to make eye contact with him. He just holds the baby closer to his chest as Kris grabs the bags and takes hold of one of Yixing’s hands, dragging him out of the store without another word.

Later that night

“OHMYGOD YIXING IS THAT ONE OF THOSE ROBOTIC BABIES???” Luhan screams as soon as he enters the dorm room, Sehun trailing behind him with his usual poker face. Kris is holding the baby while Yixing finishes up cooking in the kitchen, starting to put things on the table while everyone gets situated.

“Yeah, it’s for health class and it’s a freaking nightmare,” Kris replies with a sigh, glancing at the baby briefly. As Yixing comes back, a sudden shrill cry rings through the dining room. “Oh fuck. Babe, where’s the bottle?”

Yixing is surprised that Kris is taking initiative and it seems Sehun finds it funny, laughing through his bite of salad. Damn husband of Luhan; that’s all he eats.

“Uh, it’s on our nightstand…”

Kris gets up immediately and heads straight for their bedroom, leaving Sehun, Luhan, and Yixing at the table. Kris hardly comes out of the room the whole night and as Sehun and Luhan are leaving, Luhan gives Yixing a big hug goodbye.

“I’ll be waiting for you two to have an actual baby, Xing!” Luhan chirps, flashing Yixing a sweet smile.

Yixing blushes and coughs, narrowing his eyes to the floor because wow, what intricate details.
“We’re only in college, Lu ge. And I don’t even know if we’ll still be together-”

“Oh shut up, Xing! I know my brother well. I do know that he’d give an arm and leg for you no matter what. He’s just really stupid so watch out for him, alright? See you soon, dear!”

And with that, Luhan gives Yixing a big sloppy kiss on the cheek before leaving hand-in-hand with Sehun.


The end of the week arrives faster than how fast Kris can put BB Cream on.

And it sure is a surprise.

Yixing wakes up to an empty bed. It’s a Monday and class is off for today, but his Health teacher will be in the classroom and wants the baby returned. So he rolls out of bed to A) Find Kris and B) Bring back the baby.

Yixing enters the living room and finds Kris passed out on the couch, snoring like a bear, one arm hanging off the couch while the other is cradling the baby to his chest closely. If Kris could see what he looks like, even more hell will break loose. His blond hair is tousled everywhere like he had just walked through a tornado. Yixing, dressed in Kris’ huge shirt and his own boxers, sits on the couch next to Kris and brushes his bangs back, only to have them fall right back into place. Kris lets out a small snort and slowly opens his eyes, closing his mouth. Yixing swears that he sees a little pool of drool covering one of their pillows.

“Morning, sleeping beauty. Why are you out here?” Yixing asks in curiosity, shifting to lay down next to Kris on the couch. Now Yixing is glad he got Kris to buy this big ass couch. Kris yawns sleepily, pulling Yixing close to his chest and pecking him on the neck softly.

“The baby was crying again so I fed her.”

“I thought you hated the baby! And ew, your morning breath is really repulsive.”

Kris chuckles, burying his face into the crook of Yixing’s neck.

“Let’s have a baby after college, Xing.”

“.....We’ll see.”

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